Your Sicknesses; It's Just a Phase


To be true to one’s self.  A statement which is truly easier said than done.  As we go through life, those who are closest to us impose their dreams and wishes upon us.  Sometimes with good intentions and wanting what they feel is best for you, while at other times they only have their best interest in mind, wishing your life would be one which makes them happy and comfortable.  With these influences, it becomes easy to lose yourself and allow outside influences to alter the path which you have set for yourself.

Through this project, I have attempted to display the personal conflict I have experienced as a result of outside influences in play in my life.  By assessing relationships with family members and friends, I have evaluated the influence they have had on my life, the perceptions they have of me, the issues they have expressed with my lifestyle choices, and the means in which I have fought to remain true to myself.  This project pairs images with quotes taken from repeated encounters with loved ones, showing the harsh contrast between their views and the reality of my daily life.  It is my hope that after viewing this project, one will step away with the understanding that what others may perceive as the "ideal" or a better lifestyle, is not always the case, and just how harmful placing your own thoughts upon someone’s choices can be.