Rachel Payne is a photographer from College Park, MD.  She received a BFA in Photography with a minor in Art History from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2018.  Utilizing various formats of photographic expression, including digital, film, and alternative processes, Rachel’s fine art focuses on themes of memory and expression of thought and emotion.

“I strive to create work that challenges the viewer by addressing memories, emotions, connections and fears.  Throughout my life, I have been paralyzed by fear, “what if’s”, and the judgement of others.  I feel I have missed out on irreplaceable opportunities and relationships and am left reveling in the mistakes of my past.  I also dwell on my past, how I may have done things differently and the mistakes I have made, as well as the uncontrollable aspects of life and how things have changed throughout my life.  To move forward, I create photographs which examine these aspects of my life.  Maybe it’s a means to control the uncontrollable.  I want others to see what I can never fully express in words, so they may have not only a better understanding of me, but of themselves, and through this self-discovery make decisions which may leave you with less future guilt.  Through multiple exposures, overlaying images from different time periods, utilizing alternative photography processes, and consistent use of symbolism, I hope to express complex emotions and the affects it had on the individual experience.  Showing how the individual is influenced by their own thoughts, and how outside forces impose their opinions, actions, and judgments on the individual, brings full circle to a cycle of self-discovery, rediscovery, and questioning.”